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To remain ahead of the curve with global security standards, Nova is compliant with even the most stringent FBI-CJIS policies, standards, and guidelines. Our myriad of protective measures includes intrusion detection systems, multi-factor authentication for data center access and 24/7 monitoring.

  • 24x7x365 protection of our facility and data center with state of the art commercial video surveillance and security.

  • Two-factor authentication required for building and data center access.

  • Regular security awareness training for all Nlets employees.

  • An extensive pre-employment background investigation for all new employees; including a 10-print based state of residency and national criminal history record check. 

  • Triennial audits by the FBI CJIS Division.



Nova is highly reliable - averaging an uptime of 99.999% YTD. A back-up generator and uninterrupted power supplies ensure no loss of power, and multiple Internet Service Provider carrier networks are provided into our hosting center. Everything is monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Center to ensure that your data is always protected.

  • Site protected by sophisticated dual fire suppression systems.

  • Circuits that are interconnected to independent PDU’s delivering 220/110v. Dual A/B feed PDU connections are also available.

  • Equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. Water sensors are centrally monitored.



Choosing Nova means only paying for what you select. After your initial selection of CPU, RAM, and Disk, you may adjust any or all at any time. Our Premium Storage Tier is also available to Nova customers.

  • Enjoy complete segregation of virtualized hosting customer environments (unless otherwise requested).

  • Connect to Nova from on premise co-located hardware.

  • Configure guest level protections including firewall, intrusion detection and agentless anti-malware.

  • Nova Backups allows you to manage the backups of your Virtual Machines within the Nova environment.


Why Nlets Created Nova

As the International Justice and Public Safety Network, Nlets is uniquely positioned to provide state-of-the-art cloud hosting services to those in the law enforcement community. That’s why we created Nova, the Nlets Secure Cloud Platform – a completely customizable virtualized environment that eliminates many of the hassles of traditional hosting. With leading technology and unparalleled customer support, Nova can compete with leading industry providers while catering directly to those who support officers on the street, making it the premiere cloud service for the criminal justice community.

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