About the Brodie Assistance Fund

The Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF) is a fund available to Nlets Representatives and their staff to support the continued development of services and technologies that directly benefit the Nlets mission and vision. The BAF may be used for travel, training, or other consulting needs that states may have.

Priorities for the BAF in 2024

In 2024, first priority will be given to funding the standardization of XML.*

Second priority will be given to funding DL/Corrections Photo Sharing.

Other applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Some ideas for funding include, but are not limited to: 

  • Conversion to XML
  • Federating Nlets Messages
  • Deployment of Components of the Trustmark Ecosystem
  • Implementation of Federated Identity Management
  • LPR Index Project
  • Implementation of Nlets Initiatives (i.e., TIPS, GIS, etc.)
  • Implementation of Nlets Message Keys 


*Please note: Migrating to standardized XML is a large task that is in process for many of our members. If you plan to apply for funds to standardize XML this year, please contact Bonnie Locke.

A funding report for past BAF awards was provided to give members an idea of projects that have been funded, and the amounts, over the years.


2024 BAF Requirements

  1. Member must be up to date with membership dues.

  2. ORION Validation must be completed and on file at Nlets.

  3. Submission must occur 14 business days prior to travel required or project start date.

  4. BAF funds cannot be used to offset an already approved and funded project.

  5. Applicant must complete a minimum of 500-word description, including the reason this effort will directly benefit Nlets.

  6. This funding is intended for one person. If there is sufficient need to send two people, indicate reasons in the application and the request will be considered.

  7. Application Process

Application Process

Nlets representatives submit an application via the BAF Application on the Nlets website.  If relevant, the SOW from the vendor partner must be submitted via email to blocke@nlets.org.

Approval Process

Awards are made within 60 days of the application closing date. Consideration will be given to emergency requests on a case-by-case basis. The Chief Marketing Officer reviews applications and makes recommendations to the BAF Committee. The Committee makes the final award recommendations.

Governance Structure

The fund is managed within the existing Nlets governance structure. The Nlets President appoints a special committee to oversee the BAF. The BAF Committee operates under the direction and authority of the Nlets Board of Directors. The BAF Committee provides high-level oversight for the fund. The Committee helps set policies and procedures; reviews proposals; and makes recommendations for funding. The Nlets Chief Marketing Officer administers the BAF under the supervision of the Nlets Executive Director to ensure awards are completed according to the application. Any discrepancies will be immediately reported for resolution. At bi-annual Board meetings, a report will be generated that summarizes activities for the year.

Complete the BAF Application