All Nlets Representatives have the power to serve, when appointed, to Nlets Committees. You can read the current list of committees and their members below.

For information on Nlets Representatives not currently serving on a committee, visit the Representative Map page below.

Representative Map



Current Nlets Committees



Finance & Management Committee (F&M)

The Finance & Management Committee (F&M) provides information and policy guidance to the Nlets Board of Directors (BOD) on fiscal and management matters as they pertain to the operation and administration of Nlets.

Chair: Brad Cazort - AR

Ex-Officio: Joe Mandala - KS

Tim Chung - AZ

Bill Guy - RI

Charles Schaeffer - FL

Technical Operations Committee (TOC)

The Technical Operations Committee (TOC) provides information and policy guidance to the Nlets Board of Directors (BOD) on matters of operations, maintenance, and enhancement of the Nlets system.

Chair: Maury Mitchell - AL

Ex-Officio: Michelle Farris - TX

Chris Corea - MD

Kirk Beardwood - CA

Dan Abbott - NA

Ron Thornton - TC

Jim Gerst - FB

Mike Roosa - DJ

Rob Simpson - IN

Jennie Moeller - ND



Brodie Assistance Fund Committee (BAF)

The Brodie Assistance Fund Committee (BAF) provides recommendations for approval on requests for projects/initiatives to the Nlets Board of Directors (BOD).


Chair: Tom Prevo (NB)

Maury Mitchell (AL)

Brad Cazort (AR)

Bill Guy (RI)

Greg Meetze (SC)

Jason Winkowski (PA)

Training & Education Committee

The Training & Education Committee provides information and guidance to the Nlets Board of Directors (BOD) on matters related to the Nlets training program.

Chair: Shelley Scott- LA

Sandy Kelleher - ID

Rhonda Westbrook - GA

Nathalie Pleau - CN

Grant Smith - FB

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is composed of three Nlets Representatives, two of whom are Board members, appointed by the President. The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to nominate the candidates for the Office of President, 1st Vice-President, and 2nd Vice-President. 


Chair: Joe Leon-Guerrero - GM

BOD Member: Tom Prevo - NB

At-Large Member: Renee Rigby - DE

Hall of Fame Committee

The President appoints a Hall of Fame Committee each year to include Nlets Executive Director and individuals with at least ten years involvement with Nlets. The purpose of the Hall of Fame Committee is to select and honor those individuals that have made a significant contribution to NLETS. 


Chair: Dan Abbott - NA

Jeremy Hansford - OH

Frank Minice - Nlets

Charles Schaeffer - FL

Georgene Ramming - Alumni



Constitution and By-Laws Committee

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee is appointed by the President and meets as needed to make recommendations for change to the Constitution and Bylaws.


Chair: Joe Mandala - KS

Ex-Officio: Michelle Farris - TX

Duke Longcor - CG

Brad Cazort - AR

Leon Frederick - IA

Sandy Kelleher - ID

Brian Parker - NH

Barb Koval - NY

Kevin Collins - MI

Tim Chung - AZ

Frank Minice - Nlets

Chris Young - HI

Ivy McMillan - NC