Jeremy Hansford, President

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Joe Mandala, 1st Vice President

Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Michelle Farris, 2nd Vice President

Texas Department of Public Safety

Executive Team

Frank Minice

CEO/Executive Director

Shawn Scriven

Chief Finance Officer

Bill Phillips

Chief Information Security Officer

Kate Silhol

Chief Information Officer

Kyle Darnell

Chief Project Management Officer

Region Chairs

Bill Guy, Region A

Rhode Island State Police

Renee Rigby, Region B

Delaware State Police

Chris Behre, Region C

West Virginia State Police

Brad Cazort, Region D

Arkansas Crime Information Center

Boyd Butler, Region E

Illinois State Police

Tom Prevo, Region F

Nebraska State Patrol

Felicia Jackson, Region G

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

Joseph Leon Guerrero, Region H

Judiciary of Guam

Mike Roosa, Federal Liason to the Nlets BOD

U.S. Department of Justice

Region Vice Chairs


Vacant, Region A

Vacant, Region B

Ivy McMillan, Region C

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Maury Mitchell, Region D

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Kevin Collins, Region E

Michigan State Police

Jenny Moeller, Region F

North Dakota Emergency Services

Robyn Peterson, Region G

Colorado Department of Public Safety

Sandy Kelleher, Region H

Idaho State Police