Michelle Farris, 1st Vice President / President Pro Tempore

Texas Department of Public Safety

Sandy Kelleher, 2nd Vice President

Idaho State Police

Executive Team

Frank Minice

CEO/Executive Director

Shawn Scriven

Chief Finance Officer

Bill Phillips

Chief Information Security Officer

Kate Silhol

Chief Information Officer

Kyle Darnell

Chief Project Officer

Region Chairs

Bill Guy, Region A

Rhode Island State Police

Barbara Koval, Region B

New York State Police

Matt Patterson, Region C

Virginia State Police

Maury Mitchell, Region D

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Boyd Butler, Region E

Illinois State Police

Tom Prevo, Region F

Nebraska State Patrol

Felicia Jackson, Region G

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

Joseph Leon Guerrero, Region H

Judiciary of Guam

Mike Roosa, Federal Liaison to the Nlets BOD

U.S. Department of Justice

Region Vice Chairs


Victor Muzzey, Region A

New Hampshire State Police

Chris Corea, Region B

Maryland State Police

Ivy McMillan, Region C

North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Rusty Clark, Region D

Mississippi Department of Public Safety

Kevin Collins, Region E

Michigan State Police

Jenny Moeller, Region F

North Dakota Emergency Services

Jessica Rodarte, Region G

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

Wes Vradenburg, Region H

Washington State Patrol


Federal Liaison to the BOD