Nlets and FMCSA Update Commercial Operator Response

September 13, 2022

Nlets has been working with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for many years.  FMCSA provides Nlets members with commercial vehicle data. Recently, Nlets has been working with FMCSA to include data from the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. This data provides the querying agency information regarding a possible drug or alcohol related violations related to the operator of the commercial vehicle. This data will be included in the response will ONLY be presented if the operator has a violation the might impact their status to operate a commercial vehicle.

This response is only available in a Drivers License Query (DQ) or a Driver History Query (KQ) that is sent to the CL destination.  The data will be presented in the message as part of the Additional Information group.  There field name is “ValidateMessage” and will be followed by a field value similar to “DRUG AND ALCOHOL CLEARINGHOUSE - DRIVER IS PROHIBITED FROM OPERATING UNDER 382.501(A)”.  The “ValidateMessage” field will not be present if there is no current violation.

Please see our wiki for more details.