New Catalytic Converter Part Lookup via Nlets

October 1, 2021

Through the NAQ message key, Nlets supports many lookup files provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), National Vehicle Systems (NVS), and Locator Technologies.  NVS has partnered with Retaina Group to provide law enforcement access to future and current unique codes applied to catalytic converters, allowing for the identification of a potential stolen part.


Nlets supports this effort via the NAQ message key.  These queries are currently supported by NVS utilizing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) field of the NAQ.  This implementation will continue to be supported in the future.  To continue our efforts to establish and maintain messaging standards, Nlets has added a new field to the query for the part number. 

We have updated Section 27 of the Nlets Wiki to reflect these changes.


Changes to the NAQ message key:

  • For users sending an NAQ in the TEXT based format, send a NAQ using the Part Identifier (PID) field followed by the part number. Nlets will forward the query to NVS and return the results to the user.

  • For users sending an NAQ in GJXDM, please continue to use the VIN field to supply the part number.

  • For NIEM users, please review the changes made to the XSD and XSLT files on the Nlets Wiki.


Nlets is excited to help provide this information from NVS to our community.  Please contact the Nlets Service Center with any questions concerning this new implementation.