The National Real Time Crime Center Association

December 6, 2022

Thank you to the NRTCCA President, Chris Henningsen, for providing this information about the National Real Time Crime Center Association.

The National Real Time Crime Center Association (NRTCCA) was established in 2022 and is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to serving Real Time Crime Centers through identifying training opportunities, networking, identifying best practices and fostering public safety partnerships.

Our association's core focus areas are Development, Innovation, Collaboration and Education (DICE). We have found that Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) have valued these 4 core areas. Through Development our association is always working with our members and partners to develop best practices. Innovation is the secret sauce to identify what is needed today and tomorrow, through our association we have and will create working groups to identify how we can implement these innovative ideas. Collaboration with our members, foundational partners, law enforcement associations and so many others is what has allowed our association to jump ahead to tackle so many areas together as a team. Finally, Education is one of the ingredients that every RTCC will need, and our association is working to develop in person and online training opportunities for all of our members to attend.  

RTCC has been established in many law enforcement agencies across the country with rapid growth in 2022. The best words to think of when you hear the successes of a RTCC is “Game Changer”. Your community and your department will experience something like you have never had before with an RTCC. You will start to move in the direction of putting a law enforcement team member in the areas you need them in seconds virtually to help responding officers and other public safety members assess the situation quicker.

Everyday RTCC across the country can save victims quicker, identify locations of suspects, locate suspect vehicles, and assess scenes prior to law enforcement or public safety arriving on scene.  

We hope as an association that we can be the voice for our members through relationships we are creating within our law enforcement associations, major retail businesses, our foundational partners, and many other relationships that our members would like us to create to help make their daily careers a little easier.

As we move into 2023, we hope to work closer with other Nlets Partners in identifying ways we can partner or assist other agencies in creating Real Time Crime Centers at their departments or in their region.

To learn more about our association please visit us at: and feel free to connect with any of our board members. On behalf of our association, we would like to wish everyone and their families a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.