How to Make Sure Your Data is Secure

September 30, 2021

Five years ago, Nlets introduced Nova, the Nlets Secure Cloud Platform to meet the needs of law enforcement and the companies that support law enforcement. One of our main driving points was to support local, state, and federal agency’s technology requirements in a CJIS-compliant and technically advanced environment. Given the security concerns around law enforcement data we strived to answer the question, “Who do you trust with your data?”

Nlets answered this question by developing our Nlets Trust Model:

  •  Security: Nlets provides physical site security for our datacenters where all employees are background-checked regardless of role, infrastructure security for our systems and networks follow Role-Based Access Controls for monitoring and administration and customer security is provided by customer-controlled virtual firewalls with Intrusion Detection Systems and anti-virus capabilities.

  • Compliance: The infrastructure delivering Nova is wholly contained within the Nlets datacenter. As a CJIS Systems Agency, Nlets undergoes triennial Information Technology Security (ITS) audits performed by the CJIS Audit Unit of the FBI’s CJIS Division. ITS audits of the Nlets enterprise have delivered no findings over the past five audit cycles. Nlets is deeply involved with the CJIS Advisory Policy Board and is uniquely positioned as a cloud provider to understand the complexities, challenges, and changes of the CJIS Policy.

  • Ownership: Nlets was founded on the secure exchange of data between agencies. We are the hub, not the holder of data, and that principle has extended to Nova, where all data is wholly owned by the customer. There are no charges or fees for data retrieval.

As a proven and trusted partner to law enforcement for over 50 years, our goal with Nova has always been to extend that relationship to the technology needs of law enforcement. One area that has quickly gained traction is Disaster Recovery.

A functional law enforcement system is a critical priority, especially today. Too many agencies do not have a way to remain operational if their system goes down or have insufficient financial and technical support for an effective Disaster Recovery plan. Nlets, through Nova, can provide strategic services designed to alleviate those concerns.

Nova is a highly available, highly scalable cloud platform. With redundancy of systems, networks, and power, Nova is an always-on solution for cloud computing. Connectivity to the Internet as well as to the Nlets Network and Nlets Message Switch ensure your operations stay secure and available. Nova supports multiple Windows and Linux environments with performance and capacity resources built to your specifications.

Our technical teams and Service Center will work with your agency to ensure that connectivity to your system is available via your Disaster Recovery site quickly in the event a primary system failure occurs. Officers on the street, dispatchers, and inter-agency data exchanges will be back online in minutes instead of hours or days. In the most critical of situations, your agency should be focused on protecting the community and not on information technology. Nova allows you to follow your mission without worrying about the technology infrastructure.

Another major concern when it comes to an efficient Disaster Recovery plan is cost. As several private companies and public entities have found, the promise of cloud computing has been more complicated than advertised. Transaction-based and data egress charges drive up the initial cost of cloud computing and even the initial price can vary drastically with so many ways to accomplish the same thing. Support for the cloud environment also adds significant cost while getting through to support services and resolving issues can cost even more in valuable agency time.

Nova addresses these concerns by offering simplified pricing that includes 24/7/365 support through our Service Center and immediate escalation to our expert technical staff, giving you direct access to the technical team that builds and manages Nova. Our competitive pricing is up front and transparent with no surprise fees; therefore, you will know exactly what Nova will cost on a monthly and annual basis. As a not-for-profit organization governed by law enforcement and recognized by the FBI as a CJIS Systems Agency, our goal is to work with Criminal Justice Agencies and law enforcement-oriented companies to ensure they have the tools and data they need without encumbering them.

By placing your Disaster Recovery system within Nova, you will be able to reduce your expenses and maintenance periods and gain the confidence you need, all within a cloud platform provided by a CJIS-compliant, trusted member of the law enforcement community.

Learn more about Nova here.