Team Spotlight - Tony Abate

October 1, 2021


Today, meet Tony Abate, Nlets’ Systems Services Manager. He has been at Nlets for a little over 10 years and shared with us a little about his day-to-day role.


Q: What are the primary responsibilities of your role?

A: My team is responsible for the physical and virtual enterprise systems infrastructure and applications as well as staff workstations, phones, and communications. We support all departments and ensure the underlying systems platform powering Nlets is running smoothly. A typical day for me involves productive meetings with staff, vendors, and customers. Additionally, I’m always working with my staff on projects, resolving issues, and developing solutions to keep pushing my department forward. In 2015, we introduced Nova, the Nlets Secure Cloud Platform, and I'm proud of the success we've seen in being able to offer Nlets-native cloud solutions to the law enforcement community. My team continues to design, build, and manage Nova on an ongoing basis to keep pace with industry and provide better functionality to our customers. In 2021, we introduced our Managed Services offering, further enhancing our relationship with customers and assisting them in their own IT tasks. With the support of Nlets Executive Management and our membership, the Systems Services team will continue to drive the Nlets and Nova systems technology platform into the future.


  • Q: What is your favorite part about working at Nlets? Why?

  • A: My favorite part is the focus on our three values: Integrity, Impact, and Innovation. For me, those values mean everything. My colleagues, our membership, partners, and customers are who I work for. To be so closely involved in something so far reaching and important is awe-inspiring. The level of intelligence, skill, dedication, and passion in the people I work with makes working for Nlets a great time and I can't imagine being anywhere else.


  • Q: When you’re not at work, what do you like to do? Hobbies? Secret talents?

  • A: I love to be outdoors and traveling: there's always somewhere new to be and something delicious to eat. A co-worker got me into scuba diving and it may be the best thing I've ever done (it’s the closest to space walking I'm likely to get). I also create board and card games with my wife and, when lumber isn't the price of gold and the weather's nice, I like to do some woodworking. My wife and I love going to the movies and finding great restaurants as well as touring as many museums and zoos as possible.


  • Q: Why did you initially choose to work at Nlets? How did you hear about it and what has kept you here?

  • A: I was initially recruited through an agency for a contract position for a specific piece of technology. However, by the time the interview came around, it had turned into a full-time position. I didn't know much about Nlets, but studied as much as I could before meeting with anyone. I was fascinated not only with the mission but also the organization as a whole. At the time, I had two offers in front of me but selecting Nlets was a no-brainer: this was too important of a company to pass up. Over the years, my experiences here have truly had an impact on my life and I'm happy to have had an impact on Nlets.