Team Spotlight - Shawn Scriven

September 30, 2021

This #TeamTuesday, meet Shawn Scriven, our Chief Financial Officer who started at Nlets in January 2017.


  • Q: How did you first learn about Nlets?

  • A: By replying to a job posting.  Prior to that, I had zero knowledge of Nlets.  But after doing my homework about Nlets before my first interview, I knew this would be a great organization to be a part of.


  • Q: What three words would you use to describe Nlets and why?

  • A: Impact – While Nlets is a relatively small organization in terms of employee count and annual revenue, I feel Nlets has a huge nationwide impact for the services we provide.  2.65 Billion transactions last year running through the Nlets network can attest to this impact. Reliability – Nlets makes significant investments every year to make sure the people and infrastructure are in place to ensure the system is up an running at all times. Community – When you join Nlets, either as an employee, Nlets Rep, Strategic Partner or user of the Nlets network, you become part of an amazing community.  Nlets mission to serve the justice and public safety communities.  To see so many people work together to promote this mission is impressive.  As a key member in this community, Nlets also gives back by way of the Brodie Assistance Fund.


  • Q: When not at work, what is your favorite thing to do?

  • A: I enjoy almost any outdoor activity – sports such as soccer or golf, or getting up to the mountains to cool off and go hiking or fishing.  Those who know me well know that my life outside of Nlets revolves around the soccer schedules of my 3 boys.  I still try to play soccer as well as I’ve done most of my life, (key word there is “try!”) but one of our favorite things to do recently is playing soccer-tennis, which is essentially playing tennis on a tennis court using a soccer ball and the no hands soccer rule to get the ball over the net.  It sounded strange at first when we first learned of this game, but we have had a lot of fun with it and look forward to playing every weekend.