Team Spotlight: Matt Butler

May 27, 2021

Today, meet Matt Butler, Nlets’ Operations Services Manager. He has been with Nlets for 10 years and shared his favorite part of working at Nlets (and so much more)

  • Q. What are the primary responsibilities of your role?
  • A. I have the privilege of managing Nlets’ 24/7/365 Service Center. The Service Center consists of a dozen highly skilled individuals that monitor our systems, troubleshoot problems, and provide assistance to law enforcement. The Nlets Service Center serves as the first and last point of contact for all customer issues. In addition to managing the Service Center, I am also responsible for the Network Operations Center (NOC) and all of the critical controls that support the NOC (Generator, Battery Backups, Fire Alarms, etc).
  • Q. What is your favorite part about working at Nlets? Why?
  • A. My favorite part about working at Nlets is that I can see my work make a difference. I think sometimes people can get designated into doing one thing where they lose focus on the impact they are making, but that’s not true at Nlets - we wear lots of hats and can always see the fruits of our labor.
  • Q. When you’re not at work, what do you like to do? Hobbies? Secret talents?
  • A. A few of us at Nlets are Harley lovers. I like to take long rides on my 2020 Road Glide Limited. There’s something about wind therapy that cleanses your soul and recharges you for the upcoming week.
  • Q. Why did you initially choose to work at Nlets? How did you hear about it and what has kept you here?
  • A. I initially heard about Nlets through a part-time job posting for an Analyst. At the time, I owned a successful company, but I was working way too many hours for that success, so I decided to take on the part time role to get some structure. Once starting at Nlets, my boss kept asking me to transition to a full-time role, but I just wasn’t willing to let go of my company. However, I learned an important lesson – money isn’t everything. I think men in general are taught that they need to provide for their family, and for many, they think that means you just need to make enough money. But one day my daughter asked me for a hug when I was on a conference call with a client from my own company, and I knew right then and there that the cost of being spread too thin was too great. I decided I wasn’t willing to miss any more of my kid’s childhood so I sold my company and took a full-time job with Nlets, where there was a much stronger work/life balance. When I finally joined Nlets full time, I was able to tuck my girls in every night.