Team Spotlight - Marc Dragoo

May 16, 2022

Today, meet Marc Dragoo, an Operations Services Analyst at Nlets. He has been with Nlets for 2.5 years and shared his favorite part of working at Nlets (and so much more). 

Q. What are the Primary Responsibilities of Your Role? 

My role as an Operations Analyst includes proactive monitoring of the entire Nlets production environment, assisting Nlets State, Federal, and Strategic Partners with technical troubleshooting or general questions such as how to send certain messages, as well as providing technical support to Nlets staff. 

Q. What is Your Favorite Part About Working at Nlets? Why? 

My favorite part about working at Nlets is knowing that my job makes a difference in people’s lives. I have worked for large corporations for most of my career and in those environments, it is very easy to feel like you are just a tiny cog in a giant machine, and your job does not impact anyone. Nlets is vastly different in that regard, and I take pride in knowing what I do everyday makes a huge difference for officers on the street. 

Q. When You Are Not at Work, What Do You Like to Do? Hobbies? Secret Talents? 

When I am not wearing my analyst hat, I enjoy playing guitar, loudly. I am also a published photographer, aviation enthusiast, and FAA certified commercial drone pilot. 

Q. Why Did You Initially Choose to Work at Nlets? How Did You Hear About It and What Has Kept You Here? 

I initially chose Nlets for the job itself, as I was looking for a career change at the time. I came across the opening while perusing LinkedIn. Once I learned more about the Nlets mission, I knew it would be a great fit as I believe strongly in what we do.