Team Spotlight - Kyle Darnell

September 30, 2021

Today, we want you to meet Kyle Darnell, Nlets' PMO Manager. He has been with Nlets for 20 years and shared with us how he would describe Nlets (and so much more).


  • Q: What are your major responsibilities?

  • A: I oversee the Nlets Project Management Office and help guide our project management team and vision. I am very lucky to have two extremely talented team members: Mike Zehring, full-time Project Manager, and Ted Rainer, contract Project Manager. Our small team stays extremely busy, managing the completion of over 100 projects in 2019.  


  • Q: How has Nlets helped in your career development?

  • A: Nlets and its leadership, specifically Frank Minice, have played a huge role in my career development. I met Frank through some mutual friends 20+ years ago and he has been a great mentor to me ever since. In 2000, he told me about a Network Analyst position that was opening up at Nlets and suggested that I apply. After discussing the details with him, I told him that it sounded great and I was definitely interested but that I was currently in college and about to complete my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification so that I could pursue a career with the fire department. He suggested I come down and learn some more anyway, and proposed that a graveyard shift could actually be a great fit for a college student. I applied and accepted the position of Network Analyst, fully expecting that it would just be a “short-term job” while I finished college. Within weeks of starting and working with the, at that time, very small ( I believe I was employee number 10) but very dedicated staff, I knew that Nlets was a special place. I remember just finishing up an overnight shift in the NOC at the AZ DPS compound the morning of September 11th, 2001, when news broke about the attacks in New York. The next few weeks seemed like a blur but I remember running watch-list names against RAND for entire shifts and compiling results to provide to the FBI. That awful event really cemented for me how important the work that we do is. From that point on I knew that I wanted to make working at Nlets my career. I’m now 20 years in, have worked my way through 5 different job titles and am proud every day of the work we do to help carry out our mission and serve the law enforcement community.


  • Q: What are three words you’d use to describe Nlets and why?

  • A: The three words I would use to describe Nlets are: dedicated, collaborative and agile. The Nlets staff is extremely dedicated to the mission we serve and the community we support. We collaborate daily with law enforcement, as well as industry, in order to provide the most useful and relevant services. Lastly, Nlets Project Management Office, and the organization as a whole, pride ourselves on being extremely agile. We strive to involve our stakeholders early and often, not being afraid to pivot or change direction when needed. The Strategic Planning Process is a great example of all three.


  • Q: When not at work, what is your favorite thing to do?

  • A: Sports! I love to play them and love to watch my kids play them! My son plays club baseball and my daughter plays club volleyball and rec soccer. When I’m not busy shuttling kids around or watching their games, I play in a men’s softball league and occasionally a weekend tournament. And if I can squeeze it in, I love to workout! I try to hit the gym at least a few nights each week.