Team Spotlight - Kurt Anzelmo

September 30, 2021

This #TeamTuesday, meet Kurt Anzelmo, our Chief Operations Officer who has been with Nlets for 12 years. 


  • Q: How has Nlets helped in your career development?

  • A: Development is a never-ending action – every day I try to increase my ability to be better at what I do and to teach others as I learn.  Adding more tools in the belt helps continue both my growth and that of others. I am nowhere near done growing, I'll always be a ways from 100% satisfied in my developmental needs.. I guess that just means that continued development is a way of life. 


  • Q: What are three career lessons you’ve learned so far?

  • A: Three career lessons I've learned:

    1. Be a great listener.

    2. Be willing to move with changes (even though I am old school)

    3. Try to be empathetic. You don't always see things the same way as others. 


  • Q: If you could choose one, what superpower you would choose?

  • A: Teleportation, so I can get where needed quickly and to return to base as quick as possible – nowadays who wants to spend hours getting there and back.