Team Spotlight - Kate Silhol

September 30, 2021

Today, we want to introduce you to Kate Silhol. She's our Chief Information Officer and does so much for the Nlets team. 

  • Q. What is your official title and a brief overview of what you do?

  • A. I have recently taken on the role of Chief Information Officer at Nlets. I participate as part of the executive management team, and my primary responsibility is to oversee the Applications and Systems groups.


  • Q. How did you first learn about Nlets?

  • A. I came to Nlets via a different route than most. I worked for a government contractor in the Washington, DC area, and Nlets was one of our clients. I became involved in Nlets software and XML standards. I recognized the importance of what Nlets does, loved being involved in the work and didn’t want to just move onto the next project or client. Luckily, the stars aligned; Nlets was seeking to fill a position that was a good match with my skillset, and the rest is history!


  • Q. What are 3 words you would use to describe Nlets?

  • A. Impactful. Dedicated. Facilitating.


  • Q. What is something on your bucket list?

  • A. I don’t have a bucket list! You might think that making a bucket list would be right up my alley – I’m a planner and love to travel - but I don’t know how I would pick a finite set of places or experiences to target! There are so many incredible places in the world and some of my favorite adventures have been spontaneous! I just hope to keep exploring new cities and countries as often as I can, and I never say “no” to an adventure!