Team Spotlight - Graham Banker

September 30, 2021

Today, we want you to meet Graham Banker, Operations Service Analyst II. He has been with Nlets for 16 years and shared with us what Nlets has taught him (and so much more).

  • Q: What are your major responsibilities?

  • A: I monitor the system and network of states and federal agencies to ensure everything is working properly. I also help other departments when needed. Something unique about my role, is I interact with other departments and do so much problem solving that I need to know a little bit about everything.


  • Q: How did you first hear about Nlets?

  • A: I was in a programming class with John Lawson (former Nlets Operations Supervisor) and he told me that Nlets was looking for someone to work the help desk. The rest is history!


  • Q: What has kept you working at Nlets for 16 years?

  • A: I truly believe in the mission of Nlets and how we are able to help out the states and officers on the street. 


  • Q: What has working at Nlets taught you?

  • A: Nlets has taught me how to deal with a lot of issues at once. It has also allowed me to learn many different parts of IT, from networking to systems and also some programming.


  • Q: What is your favorite part about working at Nlets?

  • A: Definitely the ability to talk to so many people from different places of the country and world.


  • Q: What's something on your bucket list?

  • A: I dont really have a bucket list, but I guess maybe traveling to Japan.