Team Spotlight - Dustin Green

October 26, 2021

Today, meet Dustin Green, Nlets’ Senior Software Engineer. He has been working at Nlets for 15 years and shared his favorite part of working at Nlets (and so much more).

Q. What are the primary responsibilities of your role?

A. As Senior Software Engineer, my primary responsibilities include the maintenance of the core applications that allow Nlets to provide the services that our users have come to depend on and the development of new services going forward. On any given day I may find myself taking a deep dive into our logs to determine the root cause of a performance issue, working on a few user-related tickets, and then coding the next great Nlets offering! Some of the highlights of my career at Nlets include the work done building the current version of our message switch (NJIN 2.0) and the development of the DMV related XML parsing frameworks.

Q. What is your favorite part about working at Nlets?

A. My favorite part about working at Nlets is the mission. It is a fantastic feeling to know that the work you do and the services your work facilitates have a real impact on the lives of law enforcement officials and the citizens they protect. A close second to that is the team of likeminded individuals that I get to work with on a daily basis. By this I mean not only the fantastic Staff at Nlets who excel at setting the bar high and are all dedicated to helping others reach that bar, but also all the various individuals within our community of partners that I work with on a daily basis.

Q. When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?

A. When not at work, my time is often spent with my family, more specifically, entertaining my niece and nephew. I enjoy consuming videos on the internet that focus on physics, mathematics, and philosophy. I have often been known to pick a song I enjoy and then teach myself how to play it on the piano. For me a perfect afternoon is just sitting out on the back porch with a cold drink and a good book on my Kindle.

Q. Why did you initially choose to work at Nlets?

A. Frank Minice. I had just finished college, and my school set me up with a number of interviews. When I sat down with Frank for my interview, the excitement with which he spoke about the Nlets mission and all the projects coming down the pipeline and the opportunities for growth and expansion got me excited to work for Nlets. This was in 2005, back before Nlets had its own building, when it was still operating out of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. It has been exciting to be a part of the tremendous growth Nlets has experienced since then.

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