Team Spotlight - Bonnie Locke

September 30, 2021

This #TeamTuesday, meet Bonnie Locke, our Chief Marketing Officer who has been with Nlets for 15 years. 

  • Q. How did you first hear about Nlets?

  • A. Nlets Representative and past Nlets President Gerry Coleman handed me a job description for the Director of Program Management at Nlets. I had no idea what Nlets even was - I had to look it up. At the time, I loved my job as the Wisconsin Justice Information Sharing (WJIS) Director for the State of Wisconsin and had no plans to ever leave. But when I read the Nlets job description, it was as though the job was written for me. I knew the former Nlets Executive Director, Steve Correll, and was thrilled at the chance to work for him. The rest is history!


  • Q. What is your favorite thing about working at Nlets?

  • A. Two things. First, I love the people – both the people I work with and the community of people I support. Second, I get tremendous satisfaction, and reward from going to work each day feeling like I am really making a difference in the world and helping to keep our officers and citizens safe.


  • Q. What would surprise someone about you?

  • A. This question is funny because I am pretty much an open book.  It would probably be that only some people realize I am not as extroverted as everyone thinks I am!