New Hire Spotlight - Josh Hathaway

October 1, 2021

Please give a warm welcome to Josh Hathaway, our new SOC Analyst! Josh started with Nlets in June 2021, and we are grateful to have him as a part of the Nlets Team!


We asked him a few questions so everyone can get to know him a little better. You can read his answers below.


  • Q: What is the best trip you ever took and why?

  • A: My girlfriend and I went to Tulum, Mexico a few months ago and that was probably the best trip I have been on. Most of our trips are only for a couple days, but that one we went for a whole week. 


  • Q: What’s a fact about you that nobody would guess?

  • A: I am half Puerto Rican. 


  • Q: If you had a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?

  • A: I would go into the future about 15 years to see what my future self is doing.   


  • Q: Any great podcasts you’re listening to?

  • A: I don’t listen to many podcasts. The only ones I listen too mostly pertain to sports. One of them for example is called “The Lowe Post” with Zach Lowe. 


  • Q: What food could you eat every day for a month?

  • A: Any variation of Mac and Cheese. 


  • Q: What is your favorite place in your city?

  • A: I am relatively new to Phoenix, so my favorite place right now is probably our house and Mariposa Park where we walk our dogs every night. Otherwise, I liked the Biltmore area when we were staying there in an extended stay hotel.  


  • Q: What book are you reading right now?

  • A: I have not read a book in about a month or so. The last book I read was the original starship trooper’s book. 


  • Q: What is your favorite way to relax?

  • A:I will watch basketball on TV, or I will play various video games that closely resemble chess.