Perhaps the best way to understand the impact of Nlets is to hear from some valued voices.


Mike McDonald
Nlets Region B Chairperson
Delaware State Police

"Throughout the history of Nlets, the organization has shown a consistent pattern of innovation and adaption in its effort to keep abreast of the latest changes in technology and meet the information sharing needs of the criminal justice community.  The need for the rapid, secure exchange of information between criminal justice agencies will only increase, and I’m confident Nlets will continue to meet that need.”

Jennifer Viets 
Nlets Region F Chairperson
CJIN Services Program Manager

Montana Department of Justice 

"Nlets is an amazing organization, dedicated to excellence in the exchange of criminal justice information.  Technically, Nlets is the core of a rapid, secure state-of-the-art network linking state, federal and international criminal justice agencies and databases. Within seconds, through Nlets, an agency can communicate with one, some or all of our nation’s law enforcement agencies. Through Nlets, officers can query out-of-state and Canadian vehicle registration, drivers’ license, criminal history files, and so much more – accessing critical information to assist them in saving lives and furthering justice. Agencies know they can count on Nlets, with over 125 different types of messages and message traffic exceeding 1 billion annually, Nlets still maintains 99.97% network availability - amazing!

Nlets is amazing because of the many dedicated people committed to its mission. Owned by its membership and directed by a Board of engaged representations, Nlets works because there is a true partnership. Nlets leads with strength in collective innovation and expertise. NLETS is successful because it has an excellent staff that gets things done. Nlets is self-funded and yet finds ways to give back to its membership to ensure joint success – amazing!"


Phil Colby 
Nlets Region A Chairperson
Vermont Department of Public Safety 

"As one of the longest-serving Nlets state representatives I have observed and participated in the life of this organization from a time when there was a staff of perhaps six employees operating an early generation computer-based message switch, 24 x 7, connected to a national network of analog telephone company data circuits, from a few hundred square feet of leased space at the AZ Dept. of Public Safety now transformed into the Nlets of today.  The Nlets of today owns a custom designed and constructed building housing a state-of-the-art data center, with a much larger talented and highly skilled staff offering and supporting services that couldn’t have been envisioned in the early days.  The successes are due to visionary leadership from staff past and present and Nlets representatives who have served and continue to serve on committees and the Board.  And,  a dedicated workforce committed to providing a highly reliable, high-capacity and secure network.  It is the “product” that Nlets deliveries to its owner/customers and strategic partners that sets this organization apart from all others and it is gratifying to be associated with that."


Ted De Rosa 
Nlets Region G Chairperson
Manager and ISO

Colorado Bureau of Investigation  

"Nlets is critical to Colorado for the connections and information it provides to our law enforcement officers and the people who support them.  Having an always-ready network which allows our officers to quickly get information nationwide makes every officer more effective. Nlets partnerships with businesses who support our mission and infrastructure are additional benefits that keep our officers informed and connected.  Finally, Nlets encourages collaboration and innovation; and employs a bright, committed staff willing to push the next great idea to help us keep our communities safe."


Natalie Chrastil 
Brodie Assistance Fund Chairperson
Deupty Director CJIS

Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation  

"What better way to give back to the Nlets membership than to offer funding through the Brodie Assistance Fund.  The primary goal of the Brodie Assistance Fund (BAF) is to support the continued development of services and technologies that directly benefit the Nlets mission and vision. The BAF is available to Nlets Representatives and their staff for travel, training and consulting needs that states may have. Nlets does a great job of giving back to it's membership."