Nlets celebrating 50 years

15, 2017

On the back of the laundry room door at my house are a series of lines in pencil.  One set off to the left and another off to the right.  On the left are the annual height measurement markings of my daughter, and to the right those of my son.  Most of the markings are low on the door and close together – indicating slow but steady growth.  But then they change – the growth accelerates and the lines become much farther apart until they stop at or above eye level.  It’s a visual indicating that they were preparing all of those formative years for explosive growth, gathering strength to grow and prosper in a big world where size and strength matter.

In my way I correlate this to Nlets.  Here in our 50th year, when people often start to think about slowing down, Nlets is just hitting its stride. 

Much like the formative years of our children where we measure their progress on the back of doors in all of our houses, Nlets was preparing, gathering strength, learning lessons and has been growing and becoming larger and stronger to meet the challenges and the needs of the community it serves. 

And we too have been marking the progress.  Nlets is here and is strong in its 50th year.  There is no end in sight for Nlets and the mission we serve as the needs of our community evolves in scope and complexity.   We are positioned to continue to grow, improve and prepare for that next set of industry challenges we will encounter, and we will continue to measure and mark our progress along the way.

I’m thinking, we're going to need a bigger door.

Join us at the Nlets Annual Business Meeting June 19-22, 2017 in Estes Park, Colorado at the Stanley Hotel – where we will celebrate the first 50 years of Nlets.

-Steven E. Correll, Nlets Executive Director