Nlets BOD Approves New Core Federal Member, Two New Strategic Partners

04, 2017

This week at the Nlets Board of Directors meeting in San Francisco, CA, the Board approved a new Core Federal Member and two new Strategic Partners. Below are descriptions of these relationships. 
Core Federal Member: United States Marshals Service (USMS)
Congress has given the USMS the authority to "assist" state, local, and tribal governments in the location and apprehension of their most violent fugitives. Through special deputations and a national network of task forces, the USMS has created the largest "force multiplier" in U.S. law enforcement history. The USMS expects to use the NJP to leverage its Nlets data in service to the Regional Fugitive Task Force partnerships across the country in every RFTF location. The USMS will also use the Nlets partnership to enhance the Sex Offender mission to investigate and prosecute non-compliant sex offenders and the USMS  authority to locate and return Critically Missing Children.
Strategic Partner: Locator Technologies, LLC

Locator Technologies was founded in 1997 and is located in Las Vegas, NV. Locator was established to create an automobile lien holder database for the benefit of federal, state and local law enforcement.
Locator will provide lien holder and impound data via the eImpound application to law enforcement and public safety agencies through the Nlets Network. Currently users seeking lien data and impound data send one query to NICB which spawns a copy of the query to NVS. Once connectivity is established with Locator, Nlets will also bifurcate the message (NAQ) to Locator as well. Locator will then return any available LIEN holder or impound data through Nlets to law enforcement. Locator must conform to Nlets specifications and comply with all Nlets security policies prior to accessing the network. 
Strategic Partner: SureID, Inc. 

SureID, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, with corporate offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Minot, North Dakota. SureID, Inc. provides high-assurance identity solutions, helping organizations manage the identities of vendors, suppliers, contractors and service providers who require authorized access to secure areas.  
SureID will connect with Nlets to utilize the Nlets network to provide critical information to its Federal and local Law Enforcement Agency clients via their RAPIDGate Program. Nlets will provide network connectivity to each Nlets state and/or federal agency that provides written authorization for Nlets do so. SureID will work with each individual Federal and State Nlets Representative for that approval. For instances where NCIC access is required, SureID will work with the FBI directly to gain access and execute any necessary MOUs. For instances where access to US Passports is required, SureID will work with the Department of State, Passport Services directly to gain access and execute any necessary MOUs.