New Impound Database Now Available to Nlets Users

20, 2017

Nlets is pleased to announce that a new data resource from Locator Technologies is now available via existing message keys. Locator Technologies, an Nlets Strategic Partner, maintains, an online database identifying the name and contact information of impound lots holding vehicles. This database is now available to Nlets users sending NIQ and NAQ messages to NICB (NA). In addition to the existing NICB information accessible through NIQ and NAQ messages, this new Locator resource will return the name and contact information of the impound lot holding the vehicle with the input VIN number. 
No changes will be required on the end-user side. Locator's database, which is hosted within Nlets' Nova environment, will automatically be queried when an NIQ or NAQ are sent to NICB (NA).
Additional information can be found in section 27 of the Nlets WIKI.